Royal Landscaping - Avoid Ty Ty Nursery! Rude, Bad Customer Service

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We ordered 2 8' Persimmon trees last December.They arrived at 4' and dead.

After replacing them at our cost and giving a credit to our customer. we went back to Ty Ty to get a refund. Fist of all the phone numbers on the web site do not work. You can't e-mail or even fax.

We sent in the replacement plant "application" but still received no word from them. Finally we ran across a full page ad of theirs with a different phone number. When I called they were rude and snotty and told me I didn't follow their instructions so they through my letter away. They told me to call back later and maybe they could answer my questions.

He also told me I should have been calling the correct number in the magazine not the one on their website.

We will never order from them again.For anyone considering ordering from them just google Ty Ty Nursery and see what pops up!

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